Food Vending Machine App UI Kit

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Food Vending App UI Kit - is a IOS Figma library with essential components tailored for your domain. Crafted following best practices and ready to use right now.


  1. 25 unique screens x 2 modes
  2. 40+ components with 150+ variants.
  3. Detailed foundation styles: colors, iconography and typography.
  4. Open source icon set + custom hand-drawn illustrations from Asset Union icon set.


✅ Created using best practices of Auto-layout and Variants.

✅ Each component is present in light and dark mode.

✅ Instant change of colors and typography in organised list of styles.

✅ Can be re-used not only at this domain, but you can experiment with this at your projects.

Basic knowledge of Figma is required.

Support: If you find an issue with the UI kit, have a question, or want to provide feedback, please use write us at

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1 Figma file and 2 open source fonts

Made in Figma for Figma
40+ unique components and (a lot of) variants
Open source icons and fonts
Light and Dark mode
25 unique screens x 2 modes
Structured following best practices
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Food Vending Machine App UI Kit

0 ratings
I want this!