Maritime UI Kit

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Maritime Dashboard UI Kit - is a Figma library with essential components tailored for your following Maritime Tech product. In addition, it contains parts that can be adapted for projects in the Transportation & Logistics domain.


  1. Maps
    • Set of maps in different scales
    • Light and Dark mode
  2. Parts - [48 components, 120+ variants]
    • Basic (button, input, toggle, and others)
    • Map controls (zoom in/out, compass direction, and others)
    • Map objects (vessel, port pointer, tooltip, alerts, route, and others)
  3. Block - [21 items]
    • Navigation bars
    • Map windows
    • Informational blocks
    • Charts
  4. Templates - [3 items]
    • Set of complex industry-specific templates
    • Light and Dark mode

Figma knowledge Basic knowledge of Figma is required.

Support If you find an issue with the UI kit, have a question, or want to provide feedback, please use write us at

Requests If you need any components for this library or templates for your current design project - write us. We need to add to the collection only valuable and relevant kits. Write us

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Nov 28, 2022
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Maritime UI Kit

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